Sep 09

4 Hour Market Rhythm (MACD) Strategy By Phillip Nel

The 4 Hour Market Rhythm System
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  1. trader048

    The secret of a successful trade on Forex!
    Forex Trade Strategy.
    Leading trade since 2006. Now has developed a strategy, which brings profit to 150-200% for 21 days! Before that I was in an empty spent the time to study the indicators, which do not work, etc. This method is very simple! For the novice trader and not only ou have any questions, please write!
    With respect,
    Vladimir Anatolievich

  2. slopet6

    Excellent stuff. This is how i digested this info (in order). James16 PA methods on FF, H4 MACD by Philip Nel on FF and lastly Fozzy Daily method on FF. combined these 3 to be profitable on H4 for the majors. Working out fabulously. In my opinion this is definately one of the best strategies out there but James 16 is the back bone. It needs to be known on the tip of fingers before this can become profitable.

    Thank you Philip…

  3. Nandarani33

    Looks good to me and I am returning here to view it again.  Went to FF where there is a huge thread condensed into managable chunks.

  4. RockerverbFX

    Why does this have only 430 views and 2 comments… This video and the forum thread could turn the 95% failures into success if only people took time to understand and practice what he is teaching. Alot of people have however this video should have just as many views and comments as the thread does. I’ve been studying your method for over a week straight and will definitely be sticking to it. Thanks for your great effort

  5. jamf102

    Read the thread on forex factory it will prove invaluable. This man will teach you a great system. Watch Sion Smith too as he uses it too.

  6. vans ssaoirse

    thank you^ ^

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