Sep 30

Currency Meter | Currency Strength Meter | Forex Tool

Currency Meter analyzes 19 currency pairs instantly and gives you complete market analysis in less than 3 seconds. No need to scan charts and different timeframes to find out what is going on in the currency market. Fire up my currency meter with your MT4 platform and make your next Forex trade a highly successful one…
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  1. sathil mondal

    Yo, have you seen the Thaintorm Forex System? (Google it). My father says it helps people gain plenty of cash.

  2. djnv11

    this guy has scammed a lot of people check his reviews for free on forex peace army (fxnewswiz and 10kto1mm), he trades with no stop loss is totally clueless and has the cheek to start up under various websites leaving havoc in his wake. you have been warned.

  3. Quickdraw1111

    Henry, thanks for the video. I have a question. Is your currency meter best to be used for for small timeframes (1mn, 5 mn, 15mn)? Or is it best to be used for higher timeframes (1hr, 4, hr)? Which timeframe do YOU use it on the most?

  4. chatowngeek

    thanks henry for the contribution to all forex traders, I just installed with conjuction to metatrader. since market is closed can’t get the data in profiteer. but will try again on sunday evening.
    @djnv11 can you kindly explain why he is a scammer ?

  5. Sy Tran

    I just found out about this guy, why do you say hes a scammer?

  6. djnv11


  7. Gilly4566

    Do you think he is a scammer and why?…

  8. djnv11

    scamming bastard

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