Aug 29

mother candle trading strategy(scalping,swing and day trading)

www.fxmovers-tradingsystems.blogspot.com fxmovers@gmail.com Very good strategy that does not require any indicator or tools. Only thing is too identify mother-daughter combination. One that is my favourite and I use is Most efficient trading system.That you can see on fxmovers-tradingsystems.blogspot.com There are lots of free stuffs on my blogs. like free indiacators,ebooks,live rates and all.Thanks
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  1. brestovitsa

    Ok, but how you are going to get the correct direction?

  2. skipqtexas

    Nice work

  3. xxxzzzxxx227

    very nice..:)

  4. jokioz

    Thank you for explanation. I think it is very powerfull with the right money management.

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